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Hanzo The Phantom is a nEW Hip-Hop Artist Based out of Denver, Colorado. 

Hanzo was born in Denver, Colorado, into a household in which everyone played instruments very well. He didn't manifest an instrumental versatility, or virtuosity like the rest of his family, he instead he found comfort in words, poetry, and song writing.

Introduced as well to multimedia arts at a young age, he developed film, graphic. and music production skills in high school, as well as audio and visual engineering at his church.  Under the tutelage of Walter Strumm (then N. C. the Great) he began to hone in on developing his lyrical ability as well as production skills. What may have seemed to be conflicting interests coalesced into an evidentiary prowess where he excelled remarkably at everything (including academics and athletics), graduating at the age of sixteen from The Denver School of Science & Technology, cementing the cornerstone to his future as a jack of many trades.

From there, Hanzo went to the storied Tuskegee University to study Aerospace Science and Engineering. During his matriculation in Tuskegee, he continued to work persistently on his craft, writing raps and making beats; but in secret - only exposing his talents to a handful of friends out of (an unfounded) fear of discouragement and judgment. After meeting great friend Covu and training via lyrical and mental exercise, it wasn’t long before Hanzo’s range grew exponentially. He spent his academic breaks back the Denver studio with Walter Strumm and Urban Street Productions, and continued to stretch the limits of his abilities and talents.

After graduating from Tuskegee University with his Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in 2014, in four years (typically a five-year program, minimum), he relocated to Seattle, WA, to start a career in the aerospace engineering industry. After achieving (certainly the wrong word) a status quo job, he was without any clear direction for his artistic and creative passions. After some soul searching (and a probably-not-so-chance meeting with a friend of a friend turned friend and mentor), he started Trackyon Music and Entertainment, LLC, and officially began his already in progress journey as an artist, mogul, and icon.

Today, Hanzo The Phantom has returned to his home town of Denver, CO where he is expanding his fan base, and continually pursuing his career in music.